Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bad blogger!

Sorry we never seem to have time to blog on this one. I guess until Cody gets home in October I am only able to keep up with his blog!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Growing Up!

Beautiful young woman

Shellie all ready for the church dance

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Mike and I spend most of our time at work so we thought we would share our Halloween office pictures with everyone. We had our annual Chili Cook Off. It was a blast!

Cupcakes I made :)

Shon.....he thinks he is cool

Chili Cook Off..........Mike and I tied for 1st place!
2 sweatin to the oldies Richard Simmons style plus 1 cowgirl

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Homecoming Dance!

Shellie was asked to the Boulder City Homecoming by her friend Noah Stevens from the Stake Youth Committee. She had a fun time getting to know the Boulder City kids as they cruised around in an RV. They went to a magic show at the Flamingo Casino. Went to dinner at a nice house down in Boulder. Took pictures at the park. Went to the homecoming dance for just a bit. Then went Mini Golfing after. So fun!


So obviously I have let the family blog go by the wayside! My last post was in May. Since then we have had an awesome summer filled with visits from family and fun pool parties at our house.
We had Mitch and Sonya's family come visit for the Memorial Day Weekend. It was great to see them!Shellie had an amazing time at girls camp in June and Mike was able to go up for a few days again this year.  Marcy spent a few days with us in June. Marcy and Julie had a spa day and a little shopping of course.
Sadie, Gracie and Callie came to visit for a week. Yay! Gracie came for the 1st time and she had a great time! The girls swam every day and we went out to eat each night. We saw a junior theatre perfomance of Willie Wonka at The Smith Center. We rented a mini van and took off to California for a few days. We took the girls to Knotts Berry Farm and Soak City. We had a blast! One week with those girls is never enough!!!

My summer has been spent with wonderful hours of baking. Oh how I love that sweet hobby!

We have had 2 Ward Primary Pool Parties at our house. The end of summer one....Tons of kids!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daisy's makeover!



Shellie earns her Young Women's Medallion!!

Taking her Personal Progress Projects to the Church.

All the Young Women Medallion recipients.

Shellie and her proud parents :)

Beautiful Young Woman!

Shellie's first date- The Event (Mormon prom) May 2012

Beautiful hair done by Kristen Holmes

Shellie and her friend Jake Gillies

Happy 16th Birthday Shellie!!

22 amazing years together!!

Happy Anniversary to Julie!

Dinner & a Movie- I Love Burgers and Avengers!